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Flower Of Life Symbols
Flower Of Life Symbols In ErbannoThe Flower of Life is the modern name given to a geometrical figure composed of multiple evenly-spaced, overlapping circles, that are arranged so that they form a flower-like pattern with a sixfold symmetry like a hexagon. The center of each circle is on the circumference of six surrounding circles of the same diameter.

It is considered by some to be a symbol of sacred geometry, said to contain ancient, religious value depicting the fundamental forms of space and time. In this sense, it is a visual expression of the connections life weaves through all sentient beings, believed to contain a type of Akashic Record of basic information of all living things.

There are many spiritual beliefs associated with the Flower of Life; for example, depictions of the five Platonic Solids are found within the symbol of Metatron's Cube, which may be derived from the Flower of Life pattern. These platonic solids are geometrical forms which are said to act as a template from which all life springs.

Another notable example of that which may be derived from the Flower of Life is the Tree of Life. This has been an important symbol of sacred geometry for many people from various religious backgrounds. Particularly, the teachings of the Kabbalah have dealt intricately with the Tree of Life.

According to Drunvalo Melchizedek, in the Judeo-Christian tradition, the stages which construct the Seed of Life are said to represent the seven days of Creation, in which Elohim (God/concept of divinity) created life; Genesis 2:2-3, Exodus 23:12, 31:16-17, Isaiah 56:6-8. Within these stages, among other things, are the symbols of the Vesica Piscis (an ancient religious symbol) and Borromean rings (which represents the Holy Trinity).

Seed Of Life SymbolsSeed Of Lif Symbols Progression

The "Seed of Life" is formed from seven circles being placed with sixfold symmetry, forming a pattern of circles and lenses, which acts as a basic component of the Flower of Life's design.

According to some[who?], the Seed of Life is a symbol depicting the seven days of creation in which God created life; Genesis 2:2-3, Exodus 23:12, 31:16-17, Isaiah 56:6-8. The first day is believed to be the creation of the Vesica Piscis, then the creation of the Tripod of Life on the second day, followed by one sphere added for each subsequent day until all seven spheres construct the Seed of Life on the sixth day of Creation. The seventh day is the day of rest, known as the "Sabbath" or "Shabbat."

In the 13th century, a Cabalist group from France succeeded, through geometric interpretation, in dividing the entire Hebrew alphabet into an order using the Seed of Life. The resulting alphabet was remarkably similar to that of the Religious sage Rashi who wrote his commentaries on the Old Testament at that time in France.


Octahedron Shapes

Spherical octahedron

The first step in forming the Seed of Life (or Flower of Life) is to begin with a circle

According to some religious beliefs, the first step in building the Seed of Life was the creation of the octahedron by a divine "creator" (or "god"). The next step was for the creator to spin the shape on its axes. In this way a sphere is formed (see diagram). The creator's consciousness is said to exist within the sphere and the only thing that physically exists is the membrane of the sphere itself. This "first step" is not to be confused with the "first day," the latter being in reference to the seven days of creation.

The vesica piscis

The Vesica Piscis is formed from two intersecting circles of the same diameter, where the center of each circle is on the circumference of the opposite circle. Its design is one of the simplest forms of sacred geometry. It has been depicted around the world at sacred sites, most notably at the Chalice Well in Glastonbury, England [29], and has been the subject of mystical speculation at several periods of history. One of the earliest known occurrences of the Vesica Piscis, and perhaps first, was among the Pythagoreans, who considered it a holy figure.Vesica Piscis Symbols

According to some religious beliefs, the Vesica Piscis represents the second stage in the creation of the Seed of Life, in that it was constructed by "the Creator" (or "God") through the creation of a second Spherical Octahedron joined with the first. It is said that the Creator's consciousness began inside the first sphere and journeyed outside the surface of that sphere to create the second. Purportedly in reference to this, the Old Testament refers to "the spirit of the Creator floating upon the face of the waters."

Continuing with these beliefs, God is said to have created light through the creation of the second sphere (or Vesica Piscis). "Let there be light" is a relevant excerpt from the Old Testament. The pattern of the Vesica Piscis is said to be a geometric formula which represents the electromagnetic spectrum of light. For further information on how this can be done, see Drunvalo Melchizedek's book, The Ancient Secret of The Flower of Life.

The Vesica Piscis has been called a symbol of the fusion of opposites and a passageway through the world’s apparent polarities. It has also been noted as the geometry for the human eye. It is also known to be the basis for the Ichthys fish, which is a Christian symbol representing "The Son," Jesus Christ.


Tripod of Life / Borromean rings
Tripod Of Life Holy Trinity Symbols
The "Tripod of Life" (also known as "Borromean rings") is formed from a third circle being added to the Vesica Piscis, where the third circle's center point is placed at the intersection of the first two circles' circumferences. To some, it represents the mind, body, and spirit. Most notably, in (Christian) religion, the Tripod of Life symbolizes the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit of the Holy Trinity. On the East Coast of the United States, the symbol is often known as "Ballantine rings" referring to the logo of the Ballantine Brewery.








Tube TorusTube Torus Symbols
The geometric figure of a Tube Torus represented by the Seed of Life.

A basic one dimensional depiction of the "Tube Torus" shape is formed by ratcheting the Seed of Life and duplicating the lines in its design. In Physics, the Tube Torus is considered a basic structure in the study of Vortex forms. Some say the Tube Torus contains a code of vortex energy that describes light and language in a unique way, perhaps as something of an Akashic Record.










Egg of Life

The "Egg of Life" symbol is composed of seven circles taken from the design of the Flower of Life.Egg Of Life Symbols

The shape of the Egg of Life is said to be the shape of a multi-cellular embryo in its first hours of creation.

Derived from the Egg of Life is the basis for the following geometrical figures.

* Cube - One of the platonic solids.
* Tetrahedron - One of the platonic solids.
* Star Tetrahedron - Much like the Jewish Star of David.


Fruit Of Life SymbolsFruit of Life
Fruit-of-Life Stages

The "Fruit of Life" symbol is composed of 13 circles taken from the design of the Flower of Life.

The Fruit of Life is said to be the blueprint of the universe, containing the basis for the design of every atom, molecular structure, life form, and everything in existence. It contains the geometric basis for the delineation of Metatron's Cube, which brings forth the platonic solids. If each circle's centre is considered a "node", and each node is connected to each other node with a single line, a total of seventy-eight lines are created, forming a type of cube (Metatron's Cube).

See : Metatron's Cube


Tree Of Life SymbolsTree of Life
The Tree of Life derived from the Flower of Life.

The symbol of the Tree of Life may be derived from the Flower of Life. The Tree of Life is a mystical concept, a metaphor for common descent, and a motif in various world theologies and philosophies.[38] This mystical concept has historically been adopted by some Christians, Jews, Hermeticists, and pagans.[39] Along with the Seed of Life it is believed to be part of the geometry that parallels the cycle of the fruit tree. This relationship is implied when these two forms are superimposed upon each other.

The Tree of Life is most widely recognized as a mystical concept within the Kabbalah, which is used to understand the nature of God and the manner in which He created the world ex nihilo (out of nothing). The Kabbalists developed this concept into a full model of reality, using the tree to depict a "map" of creation. The tree of life has been called the "cosmology" of the Kabbalah.

Some believe the Tree of Life of Kabbalah corresponds to the Tree of Life mentioned in Genesis 2:9.


Sacred geometry (Platonic Solids) is geometry used in the design of sacred architecture and sacred art. The basic belief is that geometry and mathematical ratios, harmonics and proportion are also found in music, light, and cosmology. This value system has been found even in human prehistory and is considered by some to be a cultural universal of the human condition. Sacred geometry is foundational to the building of sacred structures such as temples, mosques, megaliths, monuments and churches; sacred spaces such as altars, temenoi and tabernacles; meeting places such as sacred groves, village greens and holy wells and the creation of religious art, iconography and using "divine" proportions. Sacred geometry-based arts may also be ephemeral, such as found in sandpainting and medicine wheels.

Sacred Geometry Platonic Solids Symbols

Flower Of Life Books

Beyond the Flower of Life: Multidimensional Activation of your Higher Self, the Inner Guru (Advanced MerKaBa Teachings, Sacred Geometry & the Opening of your Heart) (Paperback)

Maureen J. St. Germain (Author)
Beyond the Flower of Life is a new Advanced MerKaBa book by Maureen J. St. Germain. If you are looking to enhance the MerKaBa practice or are ready to take it to the next level, this book was written with you in mind. Already practicing the MerKaBa Meditation and want to make it more fulfilling? Maureen St. Germain will give you MerKaBa insights to enhance what you already have. If you are looking for more heart centered awareness and understanding to fulfill your mind's longing, these tools help satisfy your mind, so it willingly quiets. If Higher Self contact is what you are looking for, Maureen offers a practical, achievable roadmap to manifest a 100% accurate relationship with your Higher Self. By teaching the MerKaBa to over 10,000 students worldwide and developing an Advanced Flower of Life workshop to accompany this work, Maureen has developed tools, techniques and knowledge to support your MerKaBa practice.

Beyond the Flower of Life will bring you peace, contentment and mastery. Along with MerKaBa insights, Beyond the Flower of Life offers the new information regarding the opening of the heart, the Christ Consciousness Grid, how to achieve Fifth Dimensional Awareness and going beyond Fifth Dimension. Since there is no higher energy than Love, Maureen believes it should be easy and effortless to marry the ego to the Higher Self producing Heaven on Earth. With almost 15 years as a Flower of Life course instructor and the outstanding success of her CDs, workshops and Sacred Journeys, she has more than proven this to be true. This unique book consists of steps to developing an accurate understanding of the MerKaBa Meditation and its capabilities - while strengthening your heart connection and learning to program your MerKaBa.

Since 1995, Maureen has developed these revolutionary techniques that allow one to gain full reliable access to their Higher Self. With these tools, MerKaBa Meditators will be able to achieve and exceed their understanding of the world around them and keep their heart open all the time. You may conclude that Maureen's Beyond the Flower of Life is the long awaited follow-up to Drunvalo Melchizedek's books, The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Vols. I & II.

Flower of Life Books, AudioBooks and Audio CDs

Ascended Master Books

Ascended Master Melchizedek Merkabah Activation [Audiobook] (Audio CD)
~ Glenn Harrison (Author, Editor, Reader), Jill Harrison (Author, Editor, Illustrator, Reader)
This is CD number 9 in a series of guided meditations for spiritual and personal development; directly from the Archangels and Ascended Masters through trance-channeler Jill Harrison. You will be shown how to sit and breathe properly for this meditation. As your spiritual enlightenment develops, you will become aware that each Archangel, or other entity, has a different technique of breathing for the meditation. A Merkabah is an energy grid field that you manifest and activate to astrally travel. Imagine it as a chariot of light, in the shape of two identical (3-sided) pyramids; one upside down, sat inside the other, to form an 8-pointed star. You will manifest and activate the Merkabah, and travel out to the Universal-Life-Force Grid, to be at one with the universe and God, light, the one-conscious energy. This meditation is performed separately on this disc, by both Jill and Glenn; so that you have a choice of a male or female voice to listen to. This also gives you variation, when listening to this meditation regularly. Jill and Glenn are repeatedly told they have healing voices.

Ascended Master Books, AudioBooks and Audio CDs

Merkaba Ascension Books

Ascension Magick: Ritual, Myth & Healing for the New Aeon (Paperback)

Christopher Penczak (Author)
Taking a magickal approach to this often misunderstood spirituality, Christopher Penczak explores the fascinating path of ascension. Ascension Magick unveils the diverse mystical roots of ascension, and highlights where the beliefs and practices of today's "light workers" intersect with those of modern pagans, witches, and magick practitioners. It also examines the practical side-various forms of magick, energy healing, meditation, past life regression, channeling, dowsing-and provides helpful meditations, spells, and exercises. From angels and aliens to reincarnation and the Merkaba, Penczak leaves no stone unturned in this remarkably thorough and absorbing examination of ascension spirituality and magick.

Merkaba Ascension Books, AudioBooks and Audio CDs

More Books, Audio CD's and Cards

Merkaba Books

Mer-ka-ba (Spanish Edition) (Paperback)
~ Bernardo Wikinski (Author)
El acceso a la cuarta dimension.

Mer-ka-ba (Spanish Edition) Books, AudioBooks and Audio CDs

Starseed Awakening Books

No More Secrets, No More Lies: A Handbook to Starseed Awakening (Sirian Revelations) (Paperback)

Patricia Cori (Author)
Building on the historical perspective that characterized the previous book in the trilogy, Atlantis Rising, this final volume asks readers to remember that when they decided “to come to this earth adventure... blowing down the Establishment Walls would be a Herculean task.” But, she adds, “Fall they would indeed.” Hastening this necessary next step in evolution to higher being, says author Patricia Cori, requires understanding the forces at work and how to challenge and conquer them. No More Secrets, No More Lies unmasks the lies that have been employed to disempower the human race, while illuminating the tools necessary for those who intend to ascend with a revitalized Planet Earth. Intended as a guide for overcoming the designs of the dark warriors, and a blueprint for achieving the absolute freedom that is our true birthright as the super race of the realm, this provocative book brilliantly integrates into a larger schema such issues as media manipulation, racism, dark forces, crop circles, our food and water, and imminent extraterrestrial contacts, with the cosmic unfolding of human awareness and the evolutionary activation of our complex DNA codes—our blueprint to immortality.

Starseed Awakening Books, AudioBooks and Audio CDs


Emerald Tablets of Thoth The Atlantean Books

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth The Atlantean (Paperback)
~ M. Doreal (Author), MsD. (Author), PsyD. (Author)
The history of the Emerald Tablets is strange and beyond the belief of modern scientists. Their antiquity is stupendous, dating back some 36,000 years B.C. The author is Thoth, an Atlantean Priest-King who founded a colony in ancient Egypt, wrote the Emerald Tablets in his native Atlantean language which was translated by Dr. Michael Doreal. This edition of the Emerald Tablets is unique in that it includes both the translation and interpretation by Dr. Doreal. Because of the tablet's reference to the Egypt and sacred geometry they became a priority reference for those studying the Flower of Life and the Merkaba meditation. As requested by the Flower of Life Organization, this edition offers Dr. Doreal's translation and interpretation in a side-by-side study format.

Emerald Tablets of Thoth The Atlantean Books, AudioBooks and Audio CDs

Flower Of Life Books

The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life: Volume 2 (Paperback)

Drunvalo Melchizedek (Author)
The sacred Flower of Life pattern, the primary geometric generator of all physical form, is explored in even more depth in this volume, the second half of the Flower of Life workshop. The proportions of the human body, the nuances of human consciousness, the sizes and distances of the stars, planets and moons, even the creations of humankind, are all shown to reflect their origins in this beautiful and divine image. Through an intricate and detailed geometrical mapping, Drunvalo Melchizedek shows how the seemingly simple design of the Flower of Life contains the genesis of our entire third-dimensional existence.

From the pyramids and mysteries of Egypt to the new race of Indigo children, Drunvalo presents the sacred geometries of the Reality and the subtle energies that shape our world. We are led through a divinely inspired labyrinth of science and stories, logic and coincidence, on a path of remembering where we come from and the wonder and magic of who we are.

Finally, for the first time in print, Drunvalo shares the instructions for the Mer-Ka-Ba meditation, step-by-step techniques for the re-creation of the energy field of the evolved human, which is the key to ascension and the next dimensional world. If done from love, this ancient process of breathing prana opens up for us a world of tantalizing possibility in this dimension, from protective powers to the healing of oneself, of others and even of the planet.

Embrace the examined vision and understanding that Drunvalo offers to the world. Coincidences abound, miracles flourish and amazing stories of mysteries unveiled arise as the author probes the Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life.

Flower Of Life Books, AudioBooks and Audio CDs

2012 Books

Drunvalo Melchizedek: 2012 - The Prophecies from the Heart (2008)
Starring: Drunvalo Melchizedek Director: Paul Sanchez Rating: NR (Not Rated) Format: DVD
In this absorbing program, spiritual leader and author Drunvalo Melchizedek discusses the major changes many predict will occur in 2012. Using his flower of life model, he explains how these changes could lead to enlightenment for individuals. Melchizedek also gives viewers advice on how to accept this new reality with both their hearts and their minds, and how to handle and explore enlightenment if it comes.

Books, AudioBooks and Audio CDs


Flower Of Life Books

The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life: Volume 1 (Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life) (Paperback)

Drunvalo Melchizedek (Author)
Once, all life in the universe knew the Flower of Life as the creation pattern - the geometrical design leading us into and out of physical existence. Then from a very high state of consciousness we fell in darkness and forgot who we were. For thousands of years the secret was held in ancient artifacts and carvings around the world, and encoded in the cells of all life.

Here Drunvalo Melchizedek presents in text and graphics the first half of the Flower of Life Workshop, illuninating the mysteries of how we came to be, why the world is the way it is and the subtle energies that allow our awareness to blossom into its true beauty.

Sacred Geometry is the form beneath our being and points to a divine order in our reality. We can follow that order form the invisible atom to the infinite stars, finding ourselves at each step. The information here is one path, but between the lines and drawings lie the feminine gems of intuitive understanding.

Explore the miracle of our existence by meandering through the wonderland of geometry, science, ancient history and new discovery, seen through the widened vision of Drunvalo and the Flower of Life. Volume 2 will explore in great detail the Mer-Ka-Ba, the 55-foot-diameter energy field of the human lightbody. This knowledge leads to ascension and the next dimensional world.

Flower Of Life Books, AudioBooks and Audio CDs

Flower of Life Pendant - Siberian Gold Quartz

Flower of Life Pendant - Siberian Gold Quartz

This is an exciting cut with very magical properties. The front of the stone is faceted with a six petaled flower with an identical flower juxtaposed on the back - creating a 12 pointed star. The energy is one of being surrounded by the abundance and joy that life has to offer us.


Flower of Life Siberian Gold Quartz


14K GOLD $325.00

Flower of Life Siberian Gold Quartz


Flower Of Life Pendant Rainbow "Angel" Opal Aura

Flower Of Life Pendant Rainbow "Angel" Opal Aura

Flower Of Life Pendant Rainbow Angel Opal Aura



30MM     $35.00    62643

Rainbow Crystals


Spiritual Artwork, Healing Image Keys

What are the Image Keys?
The Image Keys are a series of 21 paintings by Visionary Healing Artist Barbara Evans. Sacred Geometry forms the foundation of each Image Key upon which Crystal Energies are woven.

HOPE, PEACE, UNITY and ABUNDANCE are fundamental to the essence of the Image Keys. Energetically interactive… each Image is a KEY to assist us to UNLOCK the Divine Blueprint of Perfection, both within ourselves and within the Earth.

What is Sacred Geometry?

Sacred Geometry is the geometry of creation. Sacred Geometry forms the basic structure of each Image Key upon which the other energetic layers are woven. Within the Image Keys all of the Sacred Geometry patterns are linked to the FLOWER OF LIFE. The Flower of Life is a very ancient symbol found painted or engraved in many sacred sites around the world.
The Sacred Geometry of the Image Keys has many layers and levels… this is recognized both by our energy bodies and by levels of our mind beyond conscious thought… This Sacred Geometry supports and inspires us without a need for conscious understanding. Sacred Geometry within the Image Keys contributes to their balancing nature as Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies are interwoven before our eyes

The UNITY SYMBOL is the most important symbol to be found within the Image Keys. The UNITY SYMBOL weaves together both Masculine and Feminine energies to create UNITY on many levels.

What is the UNITY SYMBOL?
The Unity Symbol is composed of TWELVE outer circles surrounding ONE inner circle… creating a TWELVE PETAL LOTUS within the central circle.
What is the role of Crystals within the Image Keys?
Crystals play a vital role in the creation of each Image Key…

•A Crystal Grid is built around the room in which each original Image Key is painted… this provides a sacred and protected space for the creation process as well as contributing to the overall energy of the Image Key.
•Individual Crystals are then intuitively selected and their energy is actively channeled into the fabric of the Image Key as it is painted.
•Each Crystal used during this creation process contributes its own unique healing vibration to the Image Key.
•The crystal energies work together synergistically creating a unique energy signature for each Image Key.
•The crystals come from around the world contributing to the global nature of the Image Keys and their ability to assist in bringing balance to the Earth.

What is the purpose of the Image Keys?
We are so much more than we often realize… the purpose of the Image Keys is to help us discover who we really are… help us discover our beauty, strength and magnificence.

The Image Keys offer a focal point of Higher Consciousness and raise the energetic vibration of any room in which they are displayed. They hold the vibrations of LOVE, JOY, PEACE, BALANCE and ABUNDANCE and invite all in their presence to match these vibrations.

The Image Keys have the potential to initiate, sustain and awaken our spiritual selves. They support the full integration of our spiritual self into the physical body … so enabling us to BE the best we can BE.

In addition the Image Keys assist the Earth with her evolutionary process by anchoring the vibrations of the Higher Dimensions into the fabric of the planet… assisting with the development of HOPE, PEACE and BALANCE on EARTH.

Who can benefit from the Image Keys?
•All who support a vision of our world based on PEACE and UNITY.
•All who are searching for a more harmonious way of living and being within this world.
•All who wish to reach their full potential and develop UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and COMPASSION.
•Those who are experiencing difficulties and challenges within their life.
•Health Practitioners and Healers who support the wellbeing and growth of others.

How do I choose which Image Keys are best for me?
As you look through the Image Keys… Which Image Key attracts your attention the most? The one that catches your attention is the best place to begin! Sometimes this may be more than one Image Key; you can then decide whether to chose one from this group or work with more than one.

You cannot make a wrong choice; your intuition will always be guiding you even if you are not completely aware that this is taking place.

There are TWO TRIOS within the Image Keys… these are fundamental and highly recommended both for personal growth and to anchor the energies into home or work space.

Trio ONE
•Wisdom of Solomon… #10
•Creating the New Dream… #11
•Transit of Venus… #12
Trio TWO
•New Earth… #14
•Shift of the Ages… #15
•Carefree Delight… #16

What can the Image Keys tell me about my life?
Intuitively choosing the Image Key that attracts you the most in any moment of time will give an indication of what you are working on in your life at that time.

After initially making your choice, look carefully at the Image Key together with its name and Affirmation… the Image Keys are about self empowerment… awakening, acknowledging and developing your own intuition as you grow spiritually and connect more completely with who you truly are … what thoughts and feelings arise within you as you focus upon the Image Key of your choice?

It is important to realize that the interaction between you and any particular Image Key will change over time. You will be able to access deeper levels as your life evolves, sometimes this is within your conscious awareness and sometimes it is not. The Image Keys are energetic companions for life.

Spiritual Artwork Spiritual Artwork Spiritual Artwork Spiritual Artwork Spiritual Artwork Spiritual Artwork Spiritual Artwork Spiritual Artwork Spiritual Artwork Spiritual Artwork Spiritual Artwork Spiritual Artwork Spiritual Artwork Spiritual Artwork Spiritual Artwork Spiritual Artwork Spiritual Artwork Spiritual Artwork Spiritual Artwork Spiritual Artwork Spiritual Artwork Spiritual Artwork Spiritual Artwork Cosmic Column

The Image Keys are available for purchase as breath-taking giclee prints, produced with the highest quality inks and papers. Each print is signed by the author, and comes with a certificate of authenticity and an informative description of the image.
All sizes are in inches and are approximate.
Custom sizing, including extra large giclee prints on canvas are
available upon request.

Image Keys #1 - 18:
Large - 19'x25'  $475.00

Choose From

Spiritual Artwork

Medium - 12'x15'    $350.00

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Spiritual Artwork

Small - 9'x12'   $225.00

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Spiritual Artwork

Mini - 5'x7'   $150.00

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Spiritual Artwork

Image Keys #19 - 22:
Large - 22'x22'   $455.00

Choose From

Spiritual Artwork

Medium - 12'x12'   $277.00

Choose From

Spiritual Artwork

Mini - 6'x6'   $155.00

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Spiritual Artwork

Cosmic Column
Large 48'x9'   $400.00

Cosmic Column Spiritual Artwork

Small 26'x5'   $300.00

Cosmic Column Spiritual Artwork

Green Quartz Crystal Faceted into a Flower of Life

Awesome Green Quartz Crystal Faceted into a Flower of Life

This exclusive, rare Flower of Life cut greatly enhances the inherent beneficial energies of the crystal. Science has documented that energy spirals through crystals and is amplified every time it "hits" a facet The more facets a crystal has the more powerful its energy. Additionally, the geometries of the facets affect the way in which the energy moves. Using the principles of Sacred Geometry, this crystal is faceted into a stunning Flower of Life shape. One side of the crystal is faceted with a six petal flower with an identical flower juxtaposed on the back side---creating a beautiful, powerful 12 pointed star. It's energy is that of being surrounded by life's abundance and joy.


Green Quartz Crystal Faceted into a Flower of Life


Flower of Life chakra colored stones Tote Bag

Flower of Life chakra colored stones Tote Bag


Aqua Aura Quartz Flower Of Life Pendant

Flower Of Life Pendant
Treated Aqua Aura Silver Bound
Pendant with Chain
$229.00   #15

Flower Of Life Pendant Aqua Aura Quartz Pendants


Eye Of Horus Symbol Signs Jewelry

Eye Of Horus Symbols


Eye Of Horus Symbols, Sterling Silver Jewelry  $130.00

Eye Of Horus Symbols Pendants, Sterling Silver

Eye Of Horus Symbols, 14K Gold Jewelry  $760.00


Eye Of Horus Symbols, 14K Gold


Oracle Cards

Egyptian Scarab Oracle Cards
By: deTraci Regula, Rho
English | 264 pages | 6 x 9 IN
Book, pouch, scarabs
Price: $105.00
The ancient Egyptians knew the power of the sacred scarab, symbol of life, hope, and regeneration. The Egyptians believed that everything vibrates with living magic; the actions of sacred birds and animals can reveal the will of the gods and goddesses; and with the right divination system, all things can be known.

Learn about the art of divination in ancient Egypt and the role of the scarab in magic and literature. A vivid dream of life as a temple priestess in ancient Egypt led Mysteries of Isis author deTraci Regula to create the Egyptian Scarab Oracle. This kit contains thirty beautifully crafted scarabs and a satin drawstring pouch. Each scarab bears the likeness of a goddess, god, or symbol of ancient Egypt.

The easy-to-use guidebook presents reading tips and layouts, interpretations for each scarab symbol, the Egyptian hieroglyphic alphabet, and instructions for creating your own scarabs for divination and protection.
Find out whether your mate is a passionate Horus, a difficult Set, a sensitive and understanding Osiris, fiery Serqet, erotic Hathor, or strong yet loving Isis. Simple to learn and fun to use, the Egyptian Scarab Oracle will help you discover which Egyptian deities you resonate with, learn to read simple Egyptian Hieroglyphics and stimulate your intuition. You can use this oracle to gain insights about love and relationships, finances, career planning, and much more!

Tarot Cards




Symbol Stones: Egyptian Symbol Runes

Symbol Stones: Egyptian Symbol Runes
Beautiful Symbol stones are hand-painted in gold leaf. Stones are natural river stones and will vary in size, shape and color!

Carry them with you for good luck, as a talisman, amulet or use them in ritual! These beautifully designed stones are perfect for any use!

Choose one of the stones below:
$23.95 For 1 Stone

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Symbol Stones: Egyptian Symbol Runes

Complete Set (5 stones + bag) $90.00

Symbol Stones: Egyptian Symbol Runes

Symbol Stones: Pagan Symbol Runes

Symbol Stones: Pagan Symbol Runes
Beautiful Symbol stones hand-painted in gold leaf. Stones are natural river stones and will vary in size, shape and color!

Carry them with you for good luck, as a talisman, amulet or use them in ritual! These beautifully designed stones are perfect for any use!

Select a stone below:
$23.95 For 1 Stone

Choose From

Symbol Stones: Pagan Symbol Runes

Complete Set (8 stones + bag) $130.00

Symbol Stones: Pagan Symbol Runes


Ancient Egyptian Symbol Runes Set

Ancient Egyptian Symbol Runes Sets

~ Egyptian Runes Sets  ~

The ancient Egyptian symbols depicted on the Runes Sets  capture the essence of the forces or energies that govern the universe. Many believe the Egyptians gained their knowledge of these forces from an even earlier advanced race that in turn, were instructed by extraterrestrials from the Sirius star system. The symbols and the meanings of the Runes Sets  coincide with the designs found on Egyptian temples, pyramids, tombs and old papyri, and with a secret arcane tradition that has been handed down from century to century

Each Runes Sets  stone can be used for meditation, divination, healing or magical or talismanic purposes and can provide insight and answers to dreams, family or emotional problems, financial or business matters, healing and health, crafts and skills, protection, spiritual seeking, or any of life's many enigmas

All of our Runes Sets  are Engraved and Painted and come with draw string pouch & information sheet

We sell a wide variety of styles, and colors to choose from


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Ancient Egyptian Symbol Runes Set


Flower of Life chakra colored stones Sticker

Small, 1½ Inch   $15.00

Choose From

Metaphysical Stickers

Large, 3 Inch   $23.00

Choose From

Metaphysical Stickers



Chakra Jewelry

Chakra Flower of Life Pendant
Size:   1" diameter
Color: multi colored stones;  sterling silver setting
The Chakras are the seven power points in the human body that circulate energy or the life force also known as prana. Wear this pendant to clear the energy flow of the chakras.
This gorgeous pendant is set with 8 faceted chakra stones in the shape of a flower in a sterling silver setting. This beautiful bloom will amplify the best of energies into your life.




Egyptian RunesEgyptian Runes

Egyptian Runes Sets 

Based on the "Cartouche Tarot" by Murry Hope,  runic forms of all the tarot images were created.  These Runes Sets  are highly intricate and detailed, but many find the runic form of the out-of-print tarot extremely profound and easy to use. 

These Runes Sets  are hand engraved - free-hand, no stencils are used! Please allow 2-3 weeks for completion.  



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Egyptian Runes



Flower Of Life Silver Earings

Flower Of Life Silver Earrings


Flower of Life Earrings with Assorted Cabochons

Tree of Life Pendant

Flower of Life Pendant with Assorted Cabochons and Box Chain in Sterling Silver
Emanating from the pattern of the Flower of Life, the Flower of Life has ties to many ancient cultures. With its 10 colored points it reflects upon creation as a process involving 10 divine numbers of God. Together with the associated 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, the Flower of Life is said to constitute the 32 paths of secret wisdom.
 Representing the 10 paths of wisdom the ten cabochons are -
White Moonstone
Black Onyx
Grey Labradorite
Red Garnet
Blue Iolite
Purple Amethyst
Yellow Citrine
Green Peridot
Pink Tourmaline
Brown Tigers Eye

Dimension: 1 1/4" Diameter

Flower of Life Pendant with Assorted Cabochons


Flower Of Life Pendants

Flower of Life Pendant with Assorted Cabochons


Flower of Life Pendant with Assorted Cabochons




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